samedi 18 août 2018

Afternoon swim in Amieira, with cairns

There is a sense in which the new Alqueva lake has left Monte das Cebolas unchanged. For someone who does not know about the lake, the views haven't changed much at the farm itself. The dry montado seems identical to what it was 50 years ago. When we sit in front of the farm in the evening, we see on the horizon the lights of Povoa de Sao Miguel, without necessarily imagining a freshwater sea in between. And yet, at the same time, this huge body of water and its numerous islands is actually very present in our minds. And it is only a few hundred meters away from the farm.

One of the ways in which it changes our life is through making it possible on the very hot summer afternoon to refresh ourselves. One of our preferred spot is the Amieira village jetty. There will soon be a beach there. In the meantime, we enjoy the peace of that place with its olive grove that seems to be flowing into the lake.

Sometimes, people feel the need to add an artistic touch, as did two German baba cools who left us some nice little cairns

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