lundi 20 mai 2019

Our little Barn Owls filmed by Jorge

We had installed this nest box for kestrels in 2013. The year after, they raised four pulli. However, from 2015 onwards, we have had uninterrupted breeding of Barn owls in this box. Despite its limited space, they raised 5 pulli in 2015, 2 in 2016, 5 in 2017, some in 2018 and around 4 this year. Here is a link to the 2015 breeding ones. Above and below, you will find a picture and a little movie by Jorge S. of the May 2019 festivities.

And here is a picture of a dead one that we found at the Monte in March 2016, to give you a sense of their absolute beauty. We will definitely keep working on installing more nest boxes and sharing our enthusiasm with more locals about this stunning bird.

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