dimanche 22 avril 2018

The Horta - Fifth spring

This is the fifth spring of the Horta's renaissance. The winter has been tough, temperature-wise and we have had to take away a few citrus trees that have been burnt by the cold. The soil is still soaked in mid-april, which gives an idea of the conditions that the tree roots experience during the whole winter in this low point of the landscape. Quince, pomegranate, persimmon, apricot and other pear trees don't seem to mind. Even the Tagasaste that stand on small hills seem to cope.

The nursery is doing very well too. All the bare roots jujubes made it. And the small pomegranate bushes are preparing for the next planting season in the Autumn, in the shadow of strawbales. Same for the hackberries, the figs, the blackcurrants, etc.

When time allows, I look at smaller details. The pink fragole vine leaves, small Fernleaf lavender (Lavandula multifida) that seems to like the place, tagasaste flowers, persimmon and mulberry leaves,... Freshness all around...

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