dimanche 1 septembre 2019

Summer care in the white trunk orchards

August is a great time to care for the fruit trees. A bit of weeding, but mostly cutting the young branches growing at the feet of the trunks, especially for the pomegranate trees that tend to produce a lot of them. Fruit thinning too - admittedly a bit late in the season - to select the best fruits and allow the young trees to concentrate all their energy on them, and avoid branches to break. Trunk whitewashing also, as a last touch, especially to protect the trunks from the sun in our case. The locals love these white trunks as much as they love the white walls of their houses. And it even seems that Olive grove trunks were whitewashed in the past too. My Romanian friends will love it too as it will echo their plum orchards. And the Belgians among us will remember the white basis of their traditional grazed apple orchards. And finally we also got some tutoring done, for the most tilted young trees. 

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