dimanche 18 novembre 2018

Bob Sheppard Nestboxes for little owls

At the beginning of November, we installed a few extra nestboxes. Luis, our great local carpenter, built us 4 Bob Sheppard nestboxes for Little Owls. We also ordered a few more by post for tits and bats from the Nestbox Company. We are now approaching more than 20 installed nestboxes, not to mention the other structures used by birds (White stork structure, heaps of stones used by little Owls, sheep-folds used by swallows, etc.). Some of the boxes are regularly used, two of them by Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus), one of them by Barn Owls (Tyto alba),... And we hope to be able in the future to help other populations such as those of Eurasian Scops owl (Otus scops). The great fun of nestboxes is that building and installing them gets everyone involved. Thanks to Y., G., T., D. and A. for all their help and some of the pics!

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