vendredi 19 février 2016

Pomegranate orchards in Askeran (3)

"Then, we got to Askeran. There are many pomegranate orchards whose owners sell fresh fruits in Yerevan and elsewhere in Armenia, keep them in fridges to sell them during winter time or make very tasty wine out of them. Artsakh's soil is very good. Actually, its other name, i.e. Karabakh, means in Turkish "black" ("kara") "garden" or "soil" ("bakh"). Water availability, in particular through government programs, contributes further to making it an excellent place to grow pomegranate bushes. We visited one of the largest orchards there.

Various cultivars are grown in Askeran orchards. Many of them seem unnamed. The orchardists said that they simply collect the best types they come across. Here is a very sweet one: Red Sweet. The bush of Red Sweet is large, with dense vegetation. The fruit is red, with slight green color. The juice is very abundant and wine-colored. It is a delicious type and is suitable for conservation purposes too."

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