jeudi 1 mai 2014

A Belgian swimming champion at Praia das merendas (Campinho)

In mid-April, one of the local paparazzi - Y.V., who has asked us not to reveal his full name for obvious legal reasons - came across a Belgian swimming champion in the middle of his training at Praia das merendas (Campinho). He was obviously taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather conditions. It seems that the swimmer's achievements can be found here. Although we are sure that this intensive training session didn't take place on April 1, we haven't been able to cross-check the information further. At the back, you can see Monte da Duquesa, very famous for its delicious goat milk and its three white stork nests. We are very pleased to be able to publish these pictures in exclusivity, one more sign that there is room for serious Alentejano sport journalism outside A Bola and O Jogo.

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