dimanche 24 novembre 2019

The abandoned Pomegranate orchard (Monte do Paço)

The other day, we took advantage of a late afternoon to get on our bikes, and go and pay tribute to the abandoned Pomegranate orchard of Monte do Paço. On the way, we could already spot some abandoned pomegranate bushes close to the village (above). As we get to Monte do Paço, we walk along the line of trees, have a chat with Sr. Ze, taste some of the fruits, get some cuttings,... I dream of the place with properly pruned trees full of fruits... At the same time, the canopy of the 5 meter high abandoned Pomegranate bushes makes it easier to imagine how Afghan or Azeri pomegranate forests may look like.

We also come across some naturalized Sternbergia lutea, close to the line of Pomegranate trees.

It is getting dark. We get ourselves prepared to leave, followed by Sr. Ze's dog. Time to cycle back to the village, stopping here and there to enjoy the evening lights and some further abandoned fruit trees along the dust track (here, a "pero" tree).

Back home, a little tasting session is in order. The flashy arils in the middle are those from the Chafariza pomegranates from Monte do Paço. Super juicy, not too sweet, simply perfect!

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