dimanche 14 octobre 2018

Kakhetia (2): Pomegranate orchard in Dzveli Anaga

Back to the road. A few hundred meters further, we meet Guivi Basilashvili. He brings us to an orchard of 30 hectares, north of the main road in the valley. It has been planted a few years ago with hundreds of pomegranate bushes. There are apparently 8 or 9 varieties, several of which being referred to as “Gandjauri”. The other ones are unnamed. Many of them have hard seeds and several ones have a typical raspberry flavour.

There is also a white one that is pretty but a little bit tasteless. Neither sweet nor acid. Also, there are no dark pomegranates in this orchard. We have a long chat with Guivi about pomegranate transformation, including seed oil. The valley is just magnificent and our host extremely friendly.

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