dimanche 1 juin 2014

A new start for the Churra Algarvia breed in Campinho

Last sunday, a few Churra Algarvia finally arrived at the farm in the early morning. Let's hope they will love the place! Although this breed comes from the Algarve, it is not new to Campinho. M. told me that a few years ago, there were some at Monte dos Cebolinhos. And my friend C. gave me a picture from Monte da Canada from the end of the 1980s where they had brought a pair from the Algarve that stayed there for a few years. On the picture, José Inacio is holding the ram and a little boy is dressed as a forcado because they used to improvise some ... ramfighting sessions!

And as I kept inquiring, my friend I. from the Monte da Açorda restaurant (highly recommended!) also showed me a press clipping from a few years ago that he had preciously kept. It reports on a churra algarvia recordbreaking ram from the Ourem area! No idea whether there still remain Churras in Ourem today. But what is clear is that Campinho seems to have been a place of Churra amateurs from a long time. Let's hope it continues!

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